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Remote Code Lock-S200RM
  • Remote Code Lock-S200RM

                                               remote code lock 2.jpg

1. Four opening ways of remote code door lock

  S200MF remote code lock, there are four unlocking ways, including remote controller、keypad

code、sensitive card、mechanical key and remote controller. locks can be opened within 30

meters by remote 


2. Easy to install
  Just  remove  the  old  knob  lock,  
install code  lock directly, then you 
can use
                        S200MF遥控4.jpg3. Backlight keypad
  Once touch the keypad of code lock, 
it  shows the backlight effect and helps
at night or under the black environment

4. Dissociative structure
  Handle turns dissociative when 
door is locked, to decrease damage 
caused to lock body from outside 
force, and also avoids special tools
go into door to push handle open
              S200MF遥控6.jpg5. Antimoist, antidust & antistatic
  Put  the  rubber  gasket  when  install 
the front panel and back panel, to 
protect the lock body and extend the
lock life span

       single latch and deadbolt mortise S200MF遥控7.jpg

  S200MF one-card-pass remote code lock:

  One-card-pass code lock,opening door card is Mifare-1 card, which is good at anti-forgery, 

high security and high capacity that enables sector management and independent encryption

(S50 card divided into 16 sectors)


  S200MF remote code lock can be applied in campus, office & apartment,

this lock is great and practical for security protection


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