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Security door is not secure(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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    The news often has the information of security doors that could not stop the thief, so people doubt locks’ safe and feel scared about the steal, for the enterprises, they need to put the emphasis on the technology, and the quality is the only way to win the market.    Security door could not stop the thief, is it the high ability for thieves to open the door? It is not the truth, for those steal cases, thieves usually opened the lock with simple way and they were not professional, locks became so stupid for these bad guys! As to the structure of locks, lock core is very vital, mechanical locks have the limited combination ways and this point is the bottleneck for the deeper promotion, the electrical lock shows the future!    For safe standard, A level locks could stop thieves about one minute, B level locks’ time is more than five minutes. Normal people pay attention to the price、look and material when they choose the lock, they care less about the technical structure, the result is that thieves like to aim at them!    Onlense science&technology corporation limited makes and do the research in electrical lock filed, exporting goods all over the world and getting the trust and respect from reseller and customers. Electronic technology is the trend of the future world, Onlense believes that electrical locks are the main leading direction, these products of code lock and fingerprint lock and similar type are the best choice for the family and offices!
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