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Pure copper door lock-9704RFBB
  • Pure copper door lock-9704RFBB

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Pure Copper Door Lock

1. Philip famed chip
  World famed chip to assure that
pure copper door lock is advanced
in technology
                        Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd
2. Two selected mortises
  Two optional types of mortises, Euro 
standard or American standard, made 
by pure copper raw material
3. Inductive card & mechanical key
  Inductive card is the main opening ways, 
and mechanical key is backup for or any 
possible accidents
                Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd
4. Surface colors available
  The hard protective layer on the
surface to prevent being corrosion 
and oxidation, so tough and stable
               Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

5. copper is an ideal decorative building for pure copper door lock

  Copper has a high resistance to corrosion, artistic, environmental protection, antibacterium,

longevity, applicability, is the ideal decorative building material. Interior decorators consider 

copper as an attractive natural metal, represents high quality,comfortable and beautiful.

                               Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

6. Pure copper door lock, advanced electronic chip, suitable for hotels, 

schools, office building and luxury residential and other places, beautiful 

and durable, easy and simple operation process

Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

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