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1.One-card pass electronic hotel lock

  One-card-pass, open door card is Mifare-1 card, which is good at anti-forgery, high security and high capacity 

that enables sector management and independent encryption(S50 card divided into 16 sectors)


2.Philip chip electronic hotel lock
  World famous Philip chip, make sure the lock 
stable, reliable, and safety
3. Two different mortises
  Two kinds of mortises available,  European 
standard and American standard, made by 
stainless steel high quality for electronic hotel lock
                                 3.jpg                                   4.jpg

4. Stainless steel key part axis
  The key part axis, take over all forces when 
open the door,so the  stainless steel material 
enable it can be used over 1 million times for
this electronic hotel lock
5. Warning function
    A warning tone, indicate when batteries are low
or the door is not shut properly or any unormal 
actions to the electronic hotel lock
   5.jpg                                       1.jpg

6. Free roating handle
  The special handle turn dissociative when door
is locked, to decrease damage caused to electronic 
hotel lock body from outside force, and also avoids 
special tools go into the door to push the handle open
7. Stainless steel, two open ways
  Stainless steel manterial, stable quality; inductive 
card is the main way to open,  and the mechanical
keys for emergency use for electronic hotel lock
                             1.jpg                                        1.jpg

  9909RFGC electronic hotel lock is ideal to be used for office, hotel and campus, this 

hotel lock is ideal and convenient for management



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