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Brass lock-BC2606NB
  • Brass lock-BC2606NB

            Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.LtdBC2606NB

Brass Lock

1. Selected surface film
  Forming a thick protective layer 
on the surface to keep from corrosion 
and oxidation, so tough and stable
                 Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd
2. Mechanical key & lock inside
  Mechanical key for unlocking, brief and
convenien; knob behind lock from inside, 
keeping private space 
                        Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd
3. 4550 mortise standard
  Perfect flow path control makes lock 
body high quality, fine sensitivity ability, 
strong、durable and unfading features
                            Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd
4. Gourd guts cylinder
  Steady structure, high strength、safe
and firm, cylinder standards are better 
than industry indexs
       Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

5. Durability of copper for brass lock

  Copper anticorrosion,better than ordinary steel, superior to aluminum in alkaline atmosphere, 

when use copper, its nature can not be changed, anticorrosion, copper product can use for life

time, even longer. copper makes buildings look warm, classic and high-grade, which will be

permanently maintained.

                           Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

6. Brass lock is for interior door, very ideal for campus, hotels, apartments

and leisure center, so delicate and generous

Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

Main characters of brass lock:

Auto Lock: after the door is closed properly, the door will lock automatically. Only with the right

key to open from outside.

Mortise direction changing: use simple tool to change the mortise direction.

Computer key and self-locking function: copper lock equipped with delicate structure, high 

security computer keys, easy to be copied;  users can lock inside with the key, preventing illegal 

opening and enhancing the ability to be tampered.

Comfortable touching: door lock design according with human body engineering mechanics, 

graceful and elegant line, delicate touch, which saves labor in opening, make users get advanced 


International quality standard: surface treatment by the United States ASTMB480 hours salt 

fog corrosion test, have the CE, FCC and RoHS and other international certification, the quality 

of door lock is better than that of industry standard and national standard.

Environmental and healthy: bacterial cross infection is very high frequency, lock raw copper

material with good antibacterial performance, can effectively inhibit bacteria,  green and healthy.

  The series of copper door lock of Guangzhou Onlense Technology Co. Ltd. is widely used 

in residential, hotel, office and commercial center building decoration, we provide high-quality 

door lock products and security solutions for global customers.

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